Surprise Dallas Rooftop Proposal

A few months back Shelby called me to see if I’d be up to set up and photograph a surprise proposal for Cindy. Of course being my surprise-loving self – I shouted “Of course! Are you even asking?”

When I opened my studio here in Deep Ellum, I knew I wanted to do at least one proposal up at our rooftop with the most gorgeous Dallas view. When Shelby mentioned “a rooftop proposal” I knew it was going to be perfect!

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Shelby and Cindy met a few years back when Shelby joined Cindy’s roller derby team. Having no friends after moving to Dallas, Shelby found herself a best friend! Their friendship built the solid ground of their relationship, which brings us to today.

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Shelby originally wanted a big celebration where she was going to have all their friends for the proposal, but with the ongoing pandemic – she had to keep altering her plans.

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At last, Shelby decided to propose in a more intimate setting and hopefully plan their engagement party sometime in the future, when it is safe and healthy for all their friends.

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We told Cindy that I wanted to do a session with them “for portfolio reason” and although Cindy didn’t buy it at first, she seemed pretty convinced hehe!!

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We planned to start our session at a nature preserve in Oak Cliff, then continue with their skates in Bishop Arts and then finally go back to the studio, change and go up to the rooftop for the proposal during the sunset.

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Guys, I’m a terrible liar! I had to keep talking random stuff throughout the day and make sure I didn’t say anything dumb to giveaway the surprise – and I could tell, Shelby was nervous and super excited at the same time.

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Just so she didn’t have to carry the ring around, I told Shelby over top secret texts that she can hide the ring in the bathroom at the studio and that she could put it in her pocket before we go up to the rooftop after they changed outfits.

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Once we got back to the studio, my job was to keep my cool, make sure Nick packed the champagne and glasses in my gear bag, and make sure we were on time for the sunset.

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Everybody was ready to head out the door. For that split second, Cindy stepped out, the door shut behind her and I had to whisper my lungs out to Shelby “did you get the riiinnngggg???” Guys – she ALMOST forgot haha!

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As she was trying to put on her necklace, she made an excuse “Ah I’ll be right back, gotta go to a mirror” grabbed the ring box, stuffed it in her back pocket and so we made our way to the rooftop.

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I did not calculate the fact that the weather was so perfect and my neighbors could have been up at the rooftop. Just as I was thinking walked out of the elevator and yes, it was like the entire building was chilling at the rooftop (not – but you know what I mean). Shelby’s eyes opened wide – for a second they both looked at each other, than they looked at me – but I know my peeps here, all my neighbors are cool. Shelby kind of gave the nod to me that it was ok, or maybe she didn’t but I wanted to think like that?

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After 10 minutes of portraits I had to give Shelby “the look” LOL!

“C’mon girl, you can do it – it’s only us!”

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And then she went for it!!! 😀

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We then decided to go down back to my loft and hang out for a bit.

Just as I was washing my hands, I heard Shelby’s “WHAAATT!? FOR REAL!?!?!” behind my back and I barely grabbed my camera laying on the countertop, my hands half damp.

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Without knowing what was going on, Cindy brought the ring she had picked for Shelby and planned on proposing!

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Just shows how amazing these two lovebirds are and how they without knowing aimed for the same day. Even though they both hid their rings FOR MONTHS at their home, neither knew it was coming haha!

Congratulations Shelby and Cindy! I’m so happy to have you ladies in my life and I can’t wait for our game night and for many more game nights with you <3


Nick + Tara

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