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Hello, I'm Tara.


Music lover • enneagram 8 • amateur Gym Rat

Oh, and I’m also a kick-ass wedding photographer.

I'm a humanist, an advocate for love and equality, a coffee-addict, an "almost crazy cat lady" (trust me, if Nyx let me, I'd have a dozen cats here by now!), a part-time shower singer, and full-time wedding photographer based in Dallas, Texas. My mission is to provide inclusive, body-positive, and human-centric photography for all. I want you to fall in love with yourself, your partner, and everything in between - over and over!

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How I do things here,

You know what they say, "time flies when you're having fun." I try and have fun - whatever I am doing, whether it's my personal life or business. I mean, guys, I've been running my photography business for over a decade. If I didn't have fun, I'd be done with it altogether a long time ago. I'm not the type that can do the same thing over and over and over every day. Heck, I can't even meal prep and eat the same food for a few days in a row, haha!

I don't do those classic stiff posing that will make you feel uncomfortable or make you question if you're doing it right or not. I have a more organic approach to my photography. I will talk with you throughout your session, whether it's an engagement, family, or boudoir session - and by the end, you are not even going to think that a photoshoot happened. Hah! It does not hurt, I promise. *wink wink*

I take the time to get to know my clients. This helps me decide how to approach each individual/couple/family. Some of my clients are shyer, some are so energetic, some don't like certain things (so I avoid them), and some need a little more cheering... There's no "one size fits all," which is why we must click. I want all my clients to know me, like, the real me. I want them to be able to grab a drink with me, go bowling, visit me at my studio and share drinks at my rooftop. I want them to drop by to say hi to Nyx and me. I want to surround myself with people I can relate with - and vice versa. I want my clients to be able to connect with me. I want to work with "my humans." I mean, if you don't like me, I'm going to be a pain in your bumbum to be around for the duration of our booking. This can be up to a year or two with wedding bookings - yikes! That's such a long time to hold your breath, LOL! I talk too much, joke around, and tease in a fun way here and there, hoping that I can get a few genuine laughter (it has not "not" work until now, so it works!) :P Just sayin'!

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Dallas Surprise Proposal Photographer

My team and I deliver the highest quality of wedding and engagement photography/cinematography with love, sincerity, and authenticity.

Kind Words

We booked Tara for our engagement shoot. Working with Tara was a DREAM. She made us feel SO comfortable. She was thorough, friendly, professional, and you could tell she knew what she was doing 100%. We went into it thinking getting our photos taken could be awkward, but not even an ounce of awkwardness with Tara. She knows how to put her clients at ease. We can't wait to work with her again for our wedding!

Shelby + Cindy

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Let's connect!

The easiest and (most reliable) way to contact me is through my contact form. As I'm always on the go, I'm not always able to answer my phone. Besides, I get a poop ton of spam calls.

I wouldn't want you to get all mixed up in those! :)




469 . 500 . 4121




[email protected]



WED-SUN | 10AM - 7PM





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Tara Arseven Photography welcomes all amazing humans from every race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.

taradise is a safe space, and you are very much loved!

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