Creative Monroe Pearson Wedding

Last year we were at the Monroe Pearson Open House. When Nick first spotted them at the entrance, he poked my arm and “Hey look! Your people are here!”

I looked over towards the door and a tattooed couple was making their round. The bride-to-be had short green-teal hair and the groom-to-be was stylish with his outfit. “Ah! My people!” I thought to myself. When they approached our table, we instantly connected and started laughing as if we were friends for a while. I knew we were a great fit. Little did I know, they had won my open house giveaway and we were going to meet again.

A week later, Monroe Pearson sent out the winner list and emails stating Ashley and Tony had won my giveaway. We talked over the phone and set up our day/time to meet – now the winning couple had a name but my memory still wasn’t matching the faces to their names. Open houses are always fast pace. You only have around 2-3 minutes with each couple and that’s the best case scenario! Often times I wouldn’t remember their names but would tell them to setup a studio meeting with me so we can spend more time.

Ash and Tony called me once they arrived to the building. As I was walking towards the big staircase, I spotted them climbing up the stairs. Not knowing “who exactly Ash and Tony was” I couldn’t help but yell “NO WAY!!!! YOU TWO WON MY GIVEAWAY!?!??! NOOOOOO WAAAAAYYYYY!!!” And I probably gave them on of the biggest mamabear hugs of their life haha!

We shared laughter with some beer. As Ashley continued to give me more details of her day and how she was getting all creative from the decor to her out of the box bridal dress… I got more and more excited.

As I always start the day with styling and photographing the details, I may have took a little longer than usual to play around with all the details Ash had ready for me! 🙂

And of course I’m always distracted if there’s a furkid around. (Hoi! Crazy cat lady here!)

We HAD TO get a few photos of Ash with her furkid! <3

As the time got closer to the ceremony, both Ash and Tony’s excitement could be read from their expressions.

I just love how Tony and Ash are all goofy together – even when she was walking down the aisle, she was still winking at Tony and making him funny faces to make him laugh.

They were FINALLY getting married and you could read them VERY happy in the moment.

“You may finally kiss your bride!”

There aren’t enough words to describe what amazing friend group those two have. They were probably one of the most cheerful and supportive wedding party EVER!

And I’m pretty positive, entire Denton County heard us cheer and scream for them haha! 🙂

Knowing that Ash and Tony both model for their photographer friends, we had to get some cool RBF (yes – that is exactly what you think it is haha!) poses. 😉

“Quick, quick! Share a kiss! No, share a kiss! Oh yeah! Share a kiss!”

“Give her the biggest kiss EVER!”

The toasts were also one of my favorite moments from the day, as we laughed – A LOT.

And party time!

Guys – having shot over 400 weddings, you can imagine I have seen all sorts of wedding exits. BUT – this y’all, by far is my favorite!

“Use pop out streamers they said, it will need no cleaning they said.”

But no – it was the most epic wedding exit and I don’t remember laughing so hard at anything else! Even while editing, I laughed for a good 15 minutes! :v

Ash and Tony, I’m so happy our paths crossed and we were there to document your wedding day! Although our plans for NOLA was crashed by Covid-19, we still look forward to planning a getaway with you two sometime soon! <3


See you soon! <3

Tara + Nick

The amazing vendor team for this wedding

Venue: Monroe Pearson
Photography: Tara Arseven
Florals: Denton Florist
HMUA: Tried and True Salon
Bridal Dress: Design by Rue De Seine / A& BE Bridal Shop
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Azazie
Photobooth: Plush Photo Booth
Cake: The Flour Shop Bakery
DJ: Johnny DuBiel

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