Picnic Date Turned Epic Surprise Proposal

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How they met

Alex and Teddy’s love story started when they both relocated to Dallas from opposite sides of the country. They met in 2016 through one of Teddy’s close friends, and although the chemistry was there from the first date, they were both stubborn and focused on their careers. But after nine months, they became a couple and spent the next five years building a beautiful life together filled with 15 fostered and rescued dogs, real estate investments, and a million good times in between.

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The Planning

Alex found me while looking for a surprise proposal photographer based in Dallas, and we clicked right away during our consultation call. It was so sweet to hear the excitement in his voice with all the plans he had to surprise Teddy. He booked me on the spot right after the call. After the booking, we scheduled our walk-through meeting with him and planned everything to the smallest detail. I had also brought him my picnic basket that I was dying to use for one of my sessions – he was going to tell Teddy he found it on the curb on his way home. We were all set!

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Fast forward to the proposal day, Alex planned a “date day,” something they took turns doing, with a bike ride in the morning, then brunch, followed by a romantic picnic and dinner. I was going to pretend to be “a random photographer” (nothing to do with a surprise proposal or anything) who was there to photograph another couple, but “my couple was a no-show, and I was pissed,” lol.

The plan was to propose at Flippen Park, a spot they used to walk their dogs often, but when they arrived, it was packed with 300+ people taking prom photos. (Prom season is no joke y’all!)

best engagement photographer Talk about a curveball! Alex kept his cool and quickly pivoted to Plan B, finding the perfect spot at Lakeside Park. On my way to Flippen Park, I was bombarded with Alex’s texts. “We’re not at Flippen, come here to Lakeside!” followed by navigation links. I went on my quest to find them wherever they were nested.

best engagement photographer dallas texasThankfully, Lakeside Park was not crowded at all, and it didn’t take a lot for me to find them. I approached them, asking if they’d seen “a couple in red dress and black tux.” Once they told me, “Nah, sorry,” I walked towards my car, pretending to talk to my clients on the phone.

“But I’m here, literally here – ok, let me share my location with you – hold on.”

Behind The Scenes

Watch the video below for the full story! :))

Being a surprise proposal photographer, I get to be part of all the sweet moments you can imagine. Alex and Teddy were a wonderful couple to work with. Their love for each other was evident in every photo.

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I’m so happy I got to be part of this brilliantly planned surprise proposal. That was the day I found out my acting skills can come in very handy, lol!

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If you’re looking for a Dallas surprise proposal and engagement photographer, look no further! I would love to come up with the perfect plan to surprise your partner. Let’s create something magical together! <3

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