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Golden Hour Dallas Engagement Session

Y’all get ready for one of the cutest engagement sessions you’ll ever see! Last week one of my friends said she feels my images look straight out of a romantic comedy. Ever since, I have been looking at my images in a different way – and if they really were screenshots from rom-coms – Kathryn and Tony would make the perfect starring duo!

Oh yeah, remember Tony who prepared the sweetest surprise proposal for his love, Kathryn, from a while back?

**Let’s go back in time: **

FINALLY, after months of rescheduling due to the weather (thanks bi-polar Texas weather!) we got to get together with Kathryn and Tony – it was one engagement session full of laughter! When they told me at the end that “they were so nervous about being in front of the camera” I may have had a mini-shock as they didn’t seem nervous at all. Usually when my couples tell me “we’re nervous” they freeze and start looking at me, waiting for directions. KV and Tony were NATURALS! See it for yourself!


And guys, I’m telling you – these are photos from the first 10 minutes of their session – yeah “they were so nervous” 😛 Aren’t they adorable?

As the weather was just AMAZING that evening, we decided to have a change of scenery and drive to The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge for the rest of their engagement session.

And every now and then – like once in every 7-8 years – I will get lucky during sessions and get JAW DROPPING CLOUDS! Usually, those clouds appear whenever I don’t have a session. I’d be randomly driving back home from a meeting or grocery shopping, and a giant pile of cotton balls soaked in contrasty pastel colors (you see what I did there?) will be filling the skies… Whenever I need those clouds during sessions – it’d be crystal clear!

But this time…

Thank you so much Kathryn and Tony for having me as part of wedding journey and I hope to see more of the sweet moments life brings you two <3

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