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Kathryn and Tony | Proposal

If you had a busy start to your Monday, this post is EXACTLY what you need to brighten your day!

Oh, where do I start?

Tony first reached out to me on February 15, telling me how he was planning to propose to his love, Kathryn, at The Feed Company and that he was looking for a photographer to capture the event, along with a guitarist to serenade her. I immediately thought of Jeremiah from It’s Your Night (Y’all… his voice is stolen from angels – you MUST listen to him live!) Both I and Jeremiah were excited to be part of this special intimate celebration, and we decided to meet in person the following Monday.

When I met Tony in person for lunch, he was nothing short of his joyful personality on the phone. We sat down, and he started telling me all about how they met, how this was where they became “official” and how he was so excited for this day to come! Boy, was he nervous! While I was gobbling down my breakfast tacos, he barely touched his chilly!

“I’m so excited and can’t wait to ask her to be my wife! Once we arrive, we will order our drinks and when the drinks arrive at the table – that’s our cue to “start the action.”

We FaceTime’d Jeremiah as he couldn’t join us due to his busy schedule, but we were able to manage everything, plan it all out right there on location and wait for the day to come! In the meanwhile, Tony had called Kathryn’s brother for his blessing, secretly met with her mom for dinner to give her the happy news and shortly after the day was here.

Jeremiah and I got to The Feed almost an hour before Tony and Kathryn’s arrival so we can set up, get ready and wait for them to join us. As the weather was a little too cold to sit on the patio, we had all heathers on – and even managed to lure some of the customers outside, so it was a more “natural” setting as we didn’t want to look awkward sitting on the patio – two photographers and one musician haha!

the feed company dallas

dallas weddings

Everything was ready, and we started waiting excitedly. We were texting back and forth until Tony added me to his Iphone’s “find friends” feature and shared his location with me. We were going pro! I mean… I literally tracked them all the way until they arrived:

T: “8 miles guys, they’re 8 miles away… 6 miles! 2 miles!!”

Jeremiah: “Oh wow! I should go to my chair and start playing!”

While Jeremiah took his place, we sat 2 tables away with Nick and got undercover – posing as we were there to enjoy the live music with drinks.

the feed company engagement

All was smooth, they followed their server out to the patio, sat at the exact table they sat when they first visited The Feed Company, ordered their drinks and started enjoying some live music. Being the terrible liar I am, it was so hard for me not to look at Kathryn – so I locked my eyes on Nick and told him: “Keep talking to me, I don’t want to look awkward.”

As their drinks arrived, Jeremiah switched to Tony’s special playlist, Nick excused his self pretending to go to the restroom – when he was actually going to take the second angle photos from behind the glass and I started watching Tony’s moves from my seat. Kathryn had no idea what actually was going on as she was happily singing along to the lyrics.

Dallas proposal at The Feed Company

dallas secret proposal

I think it took her a few seconds before realizing, what actually was happening!

dallas surprise proposaldallas surprise proposalIt was the sweetest moment ever! As Kathryn started happily ugly crying (no photos are enough to describe how her happiness bursted throughout the entire patio!) we all started to tear up.

she said yes dallas engagement

dallas engagement photographer

dallas proposal she said yes

After the initial shock passed, Kathryn started to realize it was all a setup (an excellent one I suppose because she was clueless hahaha!) and started asking:

“Did you know!?!? Did you know too!?!?” to people in the room, and asked Tony:

“Does anyone know?”

Tony replied:

“Your mom and brother know!”

“How!? When!?”

“I called your brother and got his blessing, and I took your mom out for dinner.”


dallas engagement photographer tara arsevennewly engaged dallas photographer tara arseven

Tony the second I spoke with you on the phone, I knew you were an amazing man with such a positive personality! The way you talk about Kathryn, the excitement you had – I could tell how madly in love you are with Kathryn and how happy she makes you…

Kathryn, with Tony’s help – I got to spy on you before I met you in person. My first remark was “Wow! Tony! Her smile is beautiful!” As I scrolled thru your IG, it wasn’t hard to see why Tony kept you so close to his heart. You are bubbly, beautiful, kind and loving.

We are SO HAPPY we got to be part of this extraordinary and very intimate event in your lives. It was our pleasure to serve you and make your vision a reality. We can’t wait to see what more beautiful memories life will bring, and we wish you all the best! (Tara*, Nick*, Jeremiah*)


Now it’s the most fun part of all… WEDDING PLANNING!!!

dallas proposal wedding photographer


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  • Tony Reaman03/04/2019 - 4:40 PM

    Tara!!!!!  This is awesome!!!  You are amazing!  I’m a grown ass man, how dare you make me 😢….again!    Thank you so much for everything!  Couldn’t have done it without you!  🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️ReplyCancel

    • taraarseven03/07/2019 - 1:37 AM

      Awwwww!! You are very welcome Tony! Thank YOU for finding me and having me as part of your “undercover team” hah! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what more beauties life will bring for you two <3 HUGS TO YOU BOTH :*ReplyCancel

  • Sam-n-Amy03/05/2019 - 8:32 AM

    Congratulations and Mazel Tov!! We are sooooooo happy for you!ReplyCancel

  • Randy White03/06/2019 - 1:01 AM

    Absolutely awesome. Your are both blessed. Congrats my friend. ReplyCancel

  • Karalee Parsons03/20/2019 - 6:19 PM

    I’m in tears… So Cool and Beautiful ReplyCancel