A Dallas Surprise Proposal at the Trinity River

I love being part of those sneaky Dallas surprise proposals and then watching two people celebrate their love. Bo had reached out to me literally 3 days before he was planning to propose to Kelsey and with the very limited time we had, we decided to do his walk-through 30 minutes before Kelsey arrived at the Trinity overlook with her cousin. Oh yeah, her cousin was also part of this sneaky plan – lol!

Dallas surprise proposalBo and Kelsey first met back in August of 2018 through a mutual friend at their church event. At first, they both initially had an interest in each other, but they didn’t actually start talking until a few weeks after meeting. Bo thought Kelsey already had someone in her life – but once he found out that was not the case, he asked her out for their first date.

They say “you’ll know when you’ve met the one” and that’s exactly the case here with Bo and Kelsey. Bo had never taken anyone to his family gatherings before and when he wanted to take Kelsey to his mom’s extended family’s gathering and everyone fell in love with her, her personality, and how her presence in Bo’s life made such a positive impact. They really do make a great team together and during our short and sweet session, I could totally feel their energy exchange and what a wonderful match they were.

Bo knew it for sure when his dad gave him his blessing and let Bo know that he very much loved Kelsey and approved of her and that he knew she was meant to be part of their family.

surprise proposal dallas

Bo describes their first date as “magical” – we are talking romantic comedy magical here. For their first date, they decided to drive separately and meet somewhere mutual as they had just met and didn’t know each other that well. When Bo arrived at the parking lot, looking for a free spot, he had a random car ALMOST hit his car – and rightfully he was upset. He got out of his car to tell the other driver, but the other car’s driver turned out to be his almost-future wife, Kelsey – LOL!

After that Hallmark moment, they hit it off so well, they didn’t even realize what time it was as the ice cream shop owner was looking them dead in the eyes, as if he was saying “You two, out, now!” in silence hahaha!

dallas skyline surprise proposalBo wanted to do his Dallas surprise proposal to Kelsey on 2021’s Black Friday and asked her cousin to distract her during the day – so she didn’t see it coming after all that shopping 🙂 He was so sneaky meeting with me, going through our plan, then waiting for Kelsey’s cousin to bring her by. Once Kelsey arrived, he met her at the parking lot and they started walking towards where I was stationed, waiting for them.

(Also, Bo understood the assignment. You can see the blue tape (that I found on the ground lol!) marking I put down for him to bring Kelsey to and have her face me. I was totally posing as “the random amateur photographer” that was taking skyline photos. I’m not able to hide behind a bush or anything – so every time I have to come up with a new role. D&D? Anyone?)

As soon as they got the “blue tape mark” Bo dropped on one knee and popped the question, “Will you marry me?”

trinity groves surprise proposal

It took Kelsey a few seconds to realize what was happening – watching her face go from “Wait, what?” to “OMG YES!” was the sweetest thing! 🙂

dallas engagement proposalbest dallas surprise proposal photographerdallas surprise proposal photographerdallas photographer

And then, of course, she realized I was taking their photos – thankfully I didn’t need to pretend anymore haha!

Dallas Surprise Proposal Photographersurprise proposal dallas

Shortly after, Kelsey’s cousin joined them to congratulate them. I mean, seriously… I have no idea how she kept a straight face all day hanging out with Kelsey and not giving a single detail away. Especially knowing everything Bo planned!

best surprise proposal photographerDFW Engagement Photographer

Oh! Bo even had a dress he brought with him for Kelsey to wear for their photos. Talk about having every single detail nailed down!

Dallas Surprise Proposal Photographer

By the time Kelsey changed and they came back for their portraits, the sun was already down. Being able to work under any light condition, and Bo loving what he has already seen on my website as far as night photos go – they were ready to take some cool portraits to cherish for a lifetime.

dallas engagement photographyDFW Engagement PhotographerDFW Engagement Photographertara arseven photographyDallas Portrait PhotographerDallas Engagement Photographer

Bo, thank you so much for trusting me to be part of your sneaky plan! I loved getting to know you and Kelsey – being able to share your moments and memories. I can’t wait to see y’all again!



DFW Engagement Photographer

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Can’t wait to chat with you!

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