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Surprise Proposal in Downtown Dallas

downtown dallas proposal photographer

Oh I am so very excited to share this surprise proposal with you!

Two weeks ago, while running a few errands out driving on a boring Wednesday – an inquiry dropped into my email.

downtown dallas proposal photographers

A mother of a soon-to-be bride was inquiring if I was available within 2 days for a proposal that Saturday. I hesitated to call her right then and there as I usually prefer to have a calm setting with my “first-time consultation calls” and not mumble at people in the traffic – but knowing I wasn’t going to make it to my loft anytime soon and not wanting to leave her hanging, I gave her a call.

downtown dallas proposal photography

“Hey, Jeanne! This is Tara with Tara Arseven Photography! I got your email and just a disclaimer: I’m out and about driving while running errands, but because your event is literally two days away, I didn’t want to keep you waiting, so excuse me if I bark at a driver for not signaling their lane change hehe!”

dallas proposal photography

Her voice on the other end was so enthusiastic and cheerful; I knew whatever they were planning: I was IN!

She briefly told me about the plans and how Quinton would propose to her daughter at The Waterproof. She also mentioned they were coming out of town, and she had the ring – so they had to figure out a way to somehow meet Quinton on the day of to give him the ring.

dallas proposal photographer

After chatting her for a while, she told me she’d give my information to Quinton so he can call me and finalize everything. This was probably one of my quickest bookings – we talked with Quinton, I sent him the proposal that night and next thing we know, we were at The Statler Waterproof, doing the walk through. I wanted to make sure, wherever his reservation was, the lighting was the best possible for the noon sun.

dallas proposal photographers

The “big day” was here before we knew it and it was “go time.” Those who know me know no bush or decor is going to hide me. So for surprise proposals, I usually pretend to be “just chillin'” and minding my own business. For this one, I had my book, I had my dark tinted glasses so I can totally spy on them, I was dressed semi-pool appropriate, so I didn’t look weird laying on the sunbed like an Arizona lizard sunbathing on a rock, and I hid my cameras under my cardigan.

dallas engagement photographer

Within a few minutes they arrived and walked to their reserved table. The plan was to Quinton to excuse himself to the restroom, go meet Bailey’s parents, bring them up to the rooftop, get the ring from them, leave them behind at the bar, ask Bailey to come to the edge of the rooftop to “show her something weird on the street” and then go down on one knee.

One detail nobody thought of, Jeanne had forgotten to turn off her location so the second Bailey saw her nearby on Snapchat, she knew something was up. As Quinton walked by me, I gave him a low-thumbs up and said “I’m all set whenever you’re ready” and then he mumbled “she knows, she totally knows”. I didn’t understand what he meant and I kept my cool – we rolled with the rest of the plan but yes – she knew it was coming!

**Takes note to make sure ERRR’ONE turns off their phone/location sharing from now on.**

dallas engagement photographers

Despite the Snapchat thing, it was still a beautiful proposal that continued with lots of laughter!

dallas engagement photography

After the initial “We’re engaged!!!” we went around The Statler with the sweet newly-engaged couple.

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Although for the most part it was SUNNY outside, we got lucky enough to catch a few clouds so we didn’t have to do their entire portrait session indoors. I prefer reflecting light for my photos and really only suck it up shooting under harsh sunlight, if I REAAAAALLY have to. So this was the perfect combo!

downtown dallas proposal portraits
downtown dallas engagement photos

And of course, I had to get a lil’ creative with the busy traffic!

creative engagement photos

Quinton and Bailey, it was soooo nice getting to know you two and I’m so happy I got to be there to photograph your special moment for you two and your family and friends to see. I can’t wait to see what else the future holds for you and I hope to see you soon!

creative engagement photography

If you’re planning a surprise proposal and would like to chat more about it with me, feel free to drop a note below and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible!

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