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Dallas-Fort Worth wedding vendor guide

Your guide to the Taradise Friendors

Welcome, welcome, my lovely humans!


Tara here, your go-to wedding storyteller and official party animal. 📸✨ Planning your dream day? Get ready to meet the rockstars behind the scenes—the fabulous vendors who turn "I Do" into "Hell Yes!"


I've danced down the aisle (literally), weathered unexpected storms (both real and metaphorical), and laughed my way through 16 years of photographing weddings. Along the way, I've teamed up with some seriously awesome friendors who know how to turn weddings into magic.


Think of this guide as my little black book of wedding wonders—handpicked gems I adore for their talent, vibe, and ability to keep the party going. From cake wizards to flower fairies, they're the real MVPs of your celebration.


Why take my word for it? Because I've been doing this for a LONG time (it feels like I got married 500+ times!), and trust me, good vibes and killer teamwork make all the difference. So, buckle up, grab some confetti (always be ready for a celebration, ammiright?), and let's dive into the Taradise-approved Vendor Wonderland! 🎊✨


Ready to turn your wedding dreams into reality? Let's get this party started! 🥂

PS: ALL my friendors share the same mindset as me and yes, they are also all-inclusive and human centric business owners!

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dfw wedding videography

Taylor Vaughn | Vaughn Pix

By this point, you probably already know about Taylor, a.k .a. Taytay. (Call him Taytay during your first consultation with him; he will love it. LOL!)


We've been working side by side for almost six years now, and I'm so glad our paths crossed. After coincidentally working with him twice, I knew I had to get a hold of him and have him on my "A-list."

He and his beautiful wife Brittany have become more than friends to me. They are family at this point. We no longer need to communicate with words - we can gesture to each other across the room, and we will know what the other one needs. I don't want to sound bitchy, but I've had some awful experiences with videographers who just didn't care to be a team and work together - resulting in me hanging on to Taytay with my dear life and crossing my fingers anytime my couples ask for a videographer, that they book with him. I can't recommend him enough, and yes, it will make my job so much easier if you book with him and not just some random videographer.


His smoked briskets and homemade sourdough bread are another reason to love him!

Hair and Make-up

DFW hair stylist branding photographer

Veronica is one of the few reasons I chose Southside on Lamar as my new home. I can roll out of my bed, walk my bum down the hallway, and get my hair done. Her salon is another dimension and is unlike any other salon you have been to your entire life!

I have so much I want to say about Veronica; what a loving, caring, sweet human she is. But for the context of this guide, all you need to know is that she's the only human allowed to color my hair. I had so many "hairstylists" fry my hair because they didn't know how to deal with my Eastern European/Middle Eastern hair... Veronica SAVED my hair. She specializes in rainbow colors, but you can bet she can do anything you want for your hair. She's also sincere and will tell you if your expectations are unrealistic without damaging your hair. She'd rather tell you no and not damage your hair. She WILL get you what you want - but it may not be just one session.

You will also get to snuggle her fantastic wolfdog, Jasper.

We worked with Yari and her team too many times for weddings and sessions here at my studio. She and her team consistently do a fantastic job, and there aren't words to describe my gratitude for her taking care of my amazing clients. You can ensure you and your wedding party will be in great hands. Also, you should book a trial with her for your engagement session with me. This will show you how to work with her and get to know her better.

Did I mention this chick has her cosmetic line? Yes! So definitely check her out!

We worked with Yari and her team too many times for weddings and sessions here at my studio. She and her team consistently do a fantastic job, and there aren't words to describe my gratitude for her taking care of my amazing clients. You can ensure you and your wedding party will be in great hands. Also, you should book a trial with her for your engagement session with me. This will give you an idea of how to work with her and get to know her better.


I came across Zirius at our building elevator at the Southside on Lamar. I had just moved to the building a few months prior, and my previous barber (umm, hello, my side shave and undercut need a badass barber!) had moved away.
I was looking for someone new to work with. Now, you know - your hair stylist can make or break your image - and I am VERY picky about who touches my hair. I like it done a certain way, and if I find a gem that does a fantastic job - you bet I'm keeping it. Zirius was heading out from a house call - with all his tools attached to a harness on his chest - he seemed pretty badass. Within the 15 short seconds we spent in the elevator, I did snatch his information - and yes, I will recommend him to EVERYONE. He's very detail-oriented and WILL get the work done. The best part is he can come to you! So you don't have to worry about going anywhere on your wedding day! Call him. Trust me. You can thank me later.

Lash & Brow

Nicole is the goddess of brow shaping and micro-blading! I need micro-blading myself, and out of 17 people who had done my brows since 2001, she is the only one who left the session happy. She knows what she's doing, and whether you have full or no brows, you can rest assured that she will give you perfectly shaped brows!

Kasia and her team are very knowledgeable about lashes and do a fantastic job. You'll get pampered and beautified at the same place as they offer more than just lashes. I have to mention how comfortable the spa tables are. If you don't fall asleep, I don't know anything.

(I fell asleep a few times during my lash lift and tint appointment, lol!


As the name suggests, they are the best of the best team of nail artists here in DFW. The Best Nails is located in uptown and is home to the best nail artists I have worked with in Dallas. I love symmetry and attention to detail for my manicures and pedicures. These ladies sent me home very, very happy every single time.


They are more expensive than others, but they are worth every penny. Their dry manicure/pedicure work will last you WEEKS. They don't have the typical "spa experience" - and the time that's usually spent with scrubs, masks, and other stuff at other spas - these ladies spend the entire time perfecting your nails.


They're always booked, so you want to book your appointment at least two weeks in advance!


Taylor is one of my neighbors here at the Southside on Lamar. I discovered her and her business while looking for a massage therapist while living in Deep Ellum. I don't think I have to say how perfect it is that now we're in the same building, and I can walk my bum down the hallway and get an excellent 90-minute massage from her team. From couples' massages to facial treatments, you must visit her to pamper yourself before the big day! The space is spacious and clean - you will most likely become a regular there after your first visit.


I don't know if I can fit all the good things I want to say about Le Force here. They're a team of incredible humans, and I've worked with many of them. All I can say is, regardless of who you choose to have on your wedding day, you can rest assured that they will always be on time, ready to start the party, and give your guests a hell of a good time! They will match you up with the best fit for your music taste and how you want your reception to flow. Oh, they also have optional add-ons such as lighting, photobooths, cryoguns, and more..!

Jeff is an excellent friend who is very close to my heart. I mean, he is like family at this point - after two months, he helped me when my sciatica decided to ruin my life, lol! He's probably as bubbly, if not more, as I am, and you will love his energy. I worked with him for my studio opening, and everyone who visited the studio that day remarked how awesome he was. I didn't even give him a list; I just told him, "Whatever you feel like, just read the room!"

Oh, before I forget, he also has a badass photo booth that is great and aesthetically VERY pleasing! :)

Dallas wedding Dj Kaivan Bazleh

I have had the pleasure of working with Kaivan on multiple events until now. He is so easy to work with, and he will make y'all party like a rock star! Even our first time working together, it felt like we'd been friends for over a decade. It may have something to do with me being Turkish and him being Persian - or not - I don't know. All I can say is he's a wonderful human to have around!


Jessica Reaves | Stairway Events

Jessica is a fantastic human; working with her has been a pleasure. She's terrific at communicating with the vendors, ensuring everybody is on the same page. She's always fun to be around, easy to work with, and is who you need for your wedding day to be just *chef's kiss*.

Molly Rasmussen | Pop Parties

Molly is known for her luxurious and beautiful wedding magic in Dallas. I have worked at multiple weddings she planned, and I must say, excellence is her middle name.


She will bring your vision to life and ensure your day runs smoothly. Regardless of what your venue looks like, whether it's a small celebration at home or you're throwing a big party at The Joule, Molly is your girl.



Dallas wedding vendor guide

Tammy is not only an incredible florist who provides fantastic quality work but is also a wonderful human. We worked with her for one of my recent weddings and instantly clicked over emails. I went to her shop in the Design District and met her in person before the wedding - and then I fell in love with her personality.


Goodness - her shop is beautiful, and if I'm being honest, I'm not that much of a flower person. If I knew my cats wouldn't destroy it, I would have brought home a bouquet for my viewing pleasure; that's all I'll say.

Go and meet her at her shop; you'll understand how happy, bubbly vibes she and her work gives. <3

Brianna just moved back home to North Dallas in 2022 and she pretty much is re-establishing her clientele here but I can put my name down on the work she provides. My couple who worked with her repeated multiple times before, during, and after the wedding how great they were.


Elizabeth is not only beautiful inside and out but also uber-talented. She's known for her hyper-realistic cakes; you can say she's a TV celebrity! :)

Her cakes are always moist and yummy! You will agree with me after your tasting (and I will come along if you invite me, lol!)

I've worked with her numerous times, including a Game of Thrones-styled shoot I had put together. She amazes me every single time, and I'm unsure if this chick has any limits!

I first discovered Mallorey from her snarky cookies - they are always so much fun! She's amazing at creating custom cookie packs for any event - and she can fill an entire table with her art for your wedding!


Ayeee, she's such a doll! She will make all your wedding cake dreams come true. Please don't take my word for it; meet her and see it yourself! (My eyes and belly will thank you for the art and yummy taste!)


I recently met Shannon as she designed the entire stationery of one of the weddings I photographed, and I fell in love with her work. My couple was so happy with how she created everything, just how they asked, and how she handled her business - even though I don't know her much, I HAD TO include her in my guide. Throughout our few email exchanges, I can tell she's a sweetheart, and I know she can make your wedding invitation dreams come true!

Kristin is a fellow DFW-based vendor and the owner of Hazelwood Paper Co. She stole my heart years ago with her art creation videos and Facebook lives. I had the privilege of working with her for weddings and the styled shoot I had planned - she is the best!


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