Arlington Engagement Session

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You are in for a treat this beautiful Saturday, with Madeline and Chandler’s sweet Arlington engagement session!

These two lovebirds choose to do part of their session at the Arlington Library they had spent so much time together.

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How They Met

Chandler and Madeline met in the fall of 2013, shortly after Madeline moved to Arlington. Their paths crossed while slinging burgers and beers at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. During a shift, Madeline was loudly complaining about a bad grade on a history paper. Chandler asked to read the paper and shared the professor’s assessment–all fluff and no facts!

Chandler offered to tutor Madeline for the rest of the semester. He drew her maps, helped her with chapter outlines, and translated the boring books into fascinating tales of the human condition. They met at coffee shops under the guise of studying Western Civ but were really learning more and more about each other. Endlessly fascinated by Chandler’s brilliant mind, Madeline asked questions about the fall of the Roman Empire, just to hear him talk. Little did she know, while he was monologing about the Vandal Invasion, he kept getting distracted by her beautiful brown eyes and wanted nothing more than to continue to watch them sparkle.

After studying for an entire semester (and Madeline earning a solid B- !) the two “made it official” shortly before Winter Break.

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The First Date

As two broke college students, the first few dates were often closing shifts at the restaurant, attending spontaneous house parties, or grabbing a bite to eat on the way to class. Both agree, their First Date date was their first Valentine’s Day together in 2014.

Chandler offered to cook Madeline a beautiful meal in his tiny apartment. She spent the afternoon getting dressed up and ended up running late. In her hurry, she zoomed down I-20, with him on her mind and a lead foot on the gas peddle. Before she knew it, flashing lights in the review mirror brought her back to reality. The police officer did not care that she was on her way to her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend and was only rudely focused on her sound-breaking speed reminiscent of Mario Andretti. Madeline held it together the rest of the way to Chandler’s apartment. Once he opened the door, he could tell something was wrong. As soon as she saw him, she burst into tears and confessed that she just got her very first speeding ticket. Chandler calmed her down and they sat down to the beautiful meal that he had made. He also gave her a Texas charm necklace that she still wears almost daily.

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When They Knew “This is it!”

Madeline says that Chandler wins the “I knew first” game and the “Said I love you first” game!

While furnishing their first place on a tight budget, the two began looking at the garage and estate sales to find pieces for their home. At one sale, Madeline spotted the most perfect table she had ever seen. Ask anyone who has ever been to their home, the book coffee table is iconic. Ask anyone who has helped them move, it is also stupidly heavy. With this in mind, Madeline knew the family would not want to haul it all the way back inside. She checked the price tag and added it to the armful of stuff she was lugging around (including a cheese grater and…books). The total was well over their spending budget. She asked the family if the price was firm. They seemed open to offers, so the bartering began while Chandler looked on, equally horrified and impressed. Madeline ended up getting the table and her armful of things for twenty-five dollars less than the asking price of the table. Chandler knew at that moment, she was the one for him.

Madeline knew that Chandler was “the one” when he let her keep the cat, lol! In the first freeze of November 2015, the two had been living together since May. They heard a strange noise from the porch, paused Game of Thrones, and went to investigate. The most beautiful orange and white cat screamed at them as soon as they opened the door. Madeline insisted he stay for the night, just one night, in the second bathroom, and that she would call around and find his home in the morning. It should be noted that Chandler is allergic to cats. Chandler drove to the store to get a disposable litterbox but returned with that and a cat toy and some treats. He opened the bathroom door to find Madeline and the cat snuggled in the bathtub. She looked at him with a huge smile and said “His name is Leo!”

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Chandler asked Madeline to marry him on December 8, 2018, in Forest Park in Portland, Oregon. They were in the middle of the path under the most beautiful trees. She said yes! And here we are, for their Arlington engagement session! 🙂

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The most important thing for us is that we are surrounded and supported by people who love us as much as we love each other. We envision happiness, laughter, and an amazing dance party!

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While they agreed to a long engagement, after several postponed and canceled attempted weddings, Chandler and Madeline are thrilled that it’s finally happening!

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I’m not going to lie, I love my bookworm couples! Literally, all I did for this Arlington engagement session blog was to copy and paste their responses lol – they wrote a storybook and I love it!

Happy engagement Madeline and Chandler! I’m so happy I get to be your photographer for the big day and get to have you two in my life!

Game night, soon?

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