A Memorable Perot Museum Wedding Celebration: Erika + Ashton

Hey there, lovebirds and wedding enthusiasts!

Tara Arseven here, your Dallas-based wedding photographer specializing in capturing the joy and beauty of celebrations. Today, I’m thrilled to share the enchanting tale of Erika and Ashton’s breathtaking Perot Museum wedding in Dallas, Texas. Get ready for a heartwarming journey filled with love, laughter, and surprises!

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The Perfect Venue: Perot Museum

The Perot Museum in Dallas provided a stunning backdrop for Erika and Ashton’s wedding. With its captivating exhibits and radiant lights, the museum added a touch of grandeur and awe to their special day. It was the perfect setting where their love and science intertwined, creating a magical atmosphere.

Anticipated Moments and Unexpected Surprises:

Erika and Ashton eagerly awaited their wedding day, excited to see their plans come to life. They both looked forward to the first look, where they would finally see each other in their dresses. Unexpectedly, Erika realized she had left their marriage license at the Airbnb! Luckily, their close friend’s officiant saved the day by marrying them the next day. Another surprise came when their entire wedding party enthusiastically participated in the Filipino Money Dance, making it a memorable highlight of the night.

Favorite Moments and Wise Words:

Amongst the whirlwind of the day, Erika and Ashton cherished quiet moments together after the ceremony while guests enjoyed appetizers. It was a chance for them to steal a glance at the Stars’ home opener game and savor the joy of being newlyweds. They also loved the bustling scene after the ceremony, as friends and vendors helped them prepare for the reception, creating a memorable and hilarious memory.

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Memorable Details and Personal Touches:

Erika and Ashton embraced a minimalist approach, allowing the Perot Museum’s natural beauty to shine. Simple black tablecloths and gray napkins highlighted the museum’s gems, atoms, and lights. They also added delightful details, such as 3D-printed geometric dinosaur centerpieces filled with succulents, paying homage to the museum’s exhibits. Late-night snacks included croissants inspired by an inside joke from their bridal shower. During their first dance, Marissa, Erika’s cousin, surprised everyone with her beautiful rendition of “At Last” by Etta James.

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As the night ended, Erika and Ashton felt exhausted but elated. Their wedding day was filled with love, laughter, and cherished moments. Looking ahead, they were excited to spend more time together, embark on their honeymoon, and eventually start a family. Their wedding began a new chapter filled with dreams and endless possibilities.

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Erika and Ashton’s wedding at the Perot Museum was a true celebration of love and creativity. Their day was unforgettable with the museum’s awe-inspiring setting and heartfelt moments. As their wedding photographer, I was honored to capture their love story. So, if this gorgeous wedding has stirred something in your heart, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s embark on this extraordinary adventure together, capturing the moments forever holding a special place in your heart.

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Cheers, to love, laughter, and a future filled with endless possibilities!

With love,

Tara Arseven

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