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How To Look & Feel Amazing On Your Engagement Session

He asked, you said `YES!` and now time has come to shoot your engagement pictures – but `YIKES!` you have no idea what to wear!

When couples ask me what to wear to their engagement session, I always advice them to go with outfits that they feel comfortable in. Like, we all have our `no no!`s (Try making me wear a mini skirt paired with a sleeveless blouse, I’ll run away as fast as I can!) and I believe we shouldn’t stretch our comfort zone as it is already going to feel weird to cuddle and kiss while I’m taking your pictures (I promise, the weird feeling will go away in around 15-20 minutes and you’ll start feeling like you’ve been a Vogue model for over 10 years!) But it’s a truth that there’s no better opportunity to wear that edgy dress you bought a decade ago but just didn’t know where to wear it! As long as you feel comfortable, go for the `WOW!` look! 🙂

Engagement Session Styling

(Almost a total of 5 hour mix&match, `Oh this would go so good with this – naaah that one will look better!` later.. I now adore all those fashion bloggers out there! How on earth do you manage to collage all those stuff every single week, or day!? Eeek!)

Complimenting ColorsNow that you have tips what to choose to wear, let’s get to that point where it feels so awkward to pose to a camera who’s controlled by some girl/guy whom you just met. 🙂

We’ve all been there! Despite the almost 10 (in total 9!) years of photography business I’ve been earning my life with – even I’ll panic and look like dear in headlights when my picture is taken. Oh don’t get me to the live television show I once attended and needed a big bowl of tequila after it was over!

But no, I’m just teasing you right now. You don’t have to get your nerves all jumpy.

Rule 1 – Consider your session time, regardless if it’s an engagement, family or senior session – as a fun time. If you take it too serious – there’s no running from you looking too serious in the pictures too!

Rule 2 – Make sure you like your photographer! Even though we’re all hired help, we witness the most intimate moments of your life helping you to treasure them for a life time! When you really click with your photographer, it will not seem like a `must do save the date session` and instead it will start feeling like you’re just mingling with your fiancee while a friend is taking your pictures. If you’re one chatty person – that’s even better! Talking with my clients during the session helps them to feel comfortable, a lot!

and finally,

Rule 3 – When you pose, stop thinking `Oh I put my arm around Aaron now, but wonder how my fingers look like… Hm…. Maybe if I just give the right angle to my hand it will look better? Damn I wish that photographer would say something!!` Stop it right there. When you think too much about how your features look, you’re more likely to look awkward in the pictures. If you’re seated on some stairs but your legs feel… `weird`?.. They probably look weird! Find your comfort zone, and sit as if you would any other time. When working with couples and families, I try to distract them from the idea `Very Important Photo Session` as much as I can and just get them laughing – AKA being their-self.


Life is too short to be `too` serious – enjoy your session and make sure to comment if this guide helped you!

Well, until next time may the love be with you!


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