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Filter @ Gas Monkey

Last night, thanks to my very new (but feels like he’s been around like a bro for a long time!) Aussi friend Sam who also moved to Dallas not so long ago (check out his website at – his work is awesome!!) I got a chance to go back to my roots, how and where I first started photography.

It’s been a while since I last shot a live show (2012 or 2013!?) and God did I forgot how challenging those stage lights can be! Like for real – the “oh so crazy DJ lights” at weddings are nothing – especially when we all know brides don’t go run around in circles head banging! (Hell yeah!) And around 2010, weddings happened to me – which took over my life in a year! 🙂

Honestly, my few past weeks have been not so perfect. I’m around the corner of either settling down with people who have been giving me a headache for a long time now or solve some issues at the court since they’re not happy with my peace offering in return for their copyright infringement acts to my work. No no, nothing “life or death” but it’s been a sour experience for me to be back stabbed by people I trust – AGAIN – as I have come to realize I’m an idiot trusting anyone that looks “oh so sweet” to me. But I can’t change who I am, when I’m almost 30 – I’ll keep my good faith in humanity, but will “legally” kick some buttercups from now on if I ever come to face anything similar in the future.

So while I was sitting home, trying to distract myself with doing some re-editing, Sam asked me if I would like to join him to see Filter and shoot their show at Gas Monkey. Of course there was no need to ask twice – there was still 4 days to the show I was already packed up asking “which way to the show?” 🙂

As I moved here a while ago and someone who’s been so busy with weddings – I slowly started to drop off from the music industry and not be so aware what the heck is going on around. Also because I have been living abroad for such a looo…ong time – I would be lying if I say “Oh hell yea, I know all the super cool badass bands around here!” Nope – sadly I don’t. But last night I decided to look more into finding awesome musicians I click with “both with music and personalities”. And hey, these guys are from my home state, California!

If you haven’t heard about Filter yet, you can find out more about them on their website and shop-listen to their tracks on Amazon, Itunes and Pledge Music.

And don’t forget to follow them on social media so you know when they’re coming to your town! I promise, you will not regret sharing that very very short hours with them – they’re just awesome!








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