Vicky’s Bridal Session at The Springs | Tuscany Hill

Y’all probably hear me say “You have to like me as much as you like my work. Oh, and you have to laugh at my lame jokes – or this is not going to work out – aka “the magic won’t happen” many MANY times before.

Well, Vicky is one of my many wonderful brides, now my friend  – that we instantly connected on our first conversation over the phone before she booked me – and so many wine dates and ONE GYM date (to make up for all that wine rofl!!!) later we bonded well. I was there for her final fitting and it was so special to see her in her dress – before ANYONE else! Of course, someone had to practice buttoning up 42837478183 buttons (I’m so sorry you had to figure that out Warren! Haha!) so we could get her in her dress faster on the wedding day! 🙂

Now tell me… Doesn’t her smile make you smile!? THIS POST WILL MAKE YOUR MONDAY BRIGHTER!


(Now that my crazy wedding season has calmed down – I can actually get some “in front of the computer” work done. More of these will come! Can you believe my last blog post was posted in APRIL 2017!?!?!?! I know! Shame on me! Well – I have an excuse – a very good one 😉 )

Until next time, may the love be with you <3


Venue: The Springs | Tuscany Hill 

Dress: De France Couture


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