I am Californian by chance, but Texan by choice and I made it here as soon as I could! I’m so glad I did!

Photography is not only my passion but has been a full-time career for as long as I can remember. Of course, just like any other kid growing up I was going to be a vet, an architect, a doctor, somewhere in between a firefighter (!?) and a teacher. I found true love when I first held a camera in 2007.

My clients don't fake and I strive to build real relationships with them. I actually do give a shit. My craft is not repetition work. It is important to me that you like my personality as much as you like my work. I love having people around me who are as adventurous as I am and will say "HELL YEAH!" when I ask them if they want to take a road trip for their engagements (hint hint!)- but if not, that's ok too. We'll get along just fine if you laugh at my jokes! LOL! 

I love meeting new people – yet as much as I’m this outgoing/social girl, awkwardly I have stage fright. Throw me in a room full of people, I’ll make sure to meet every single one of them – yet ask me to sing somewhere else than the shower (especially a stage with pretty bright lights!) and I’ll go hide in the nearest closet! I know – strange!! But I was brave enough to record a few `♪la la la♫` videos when nobody was looking!

One cup of coffee is never enough! If Starbucks had a trophy over the Gold Member program, I’d definitely be qualified for it with my`Four cups of coffee a day, keeps the grumpiness away!` motto!

I believe in equality and that no human being is greater than the other. I will hold hand with everyone who believes in `good` – yet I will stand against anyone who gives a hard time to the other because they are different.

I’m old school. I prefer handwritten notes over e-cards, Guns N Roses over Lady Gaga, real books over kindles. I still go to the library just so I can enjoy the smell of old books, each with a different story.

I adore everything furry that has either four legs or two with a pair of wings. I live with the prettiest and most intelligent black cat, Nyx. On the other hand (this might amuse you but..) anything with no leg or more than four legs… They scare me to death! By chance, if you see me run for the hills when I was just laughing with you a minute ago during our session, it’s either a giant spider just wanted to check me out hanging from its web or some UFI (unidentified flying insect) is chasing me. Save me first, we’ll laugh together later!

I love capturing the real laughter! Currently, I’m working on a very fancy headstand to give you the chuckles! ^^ And I love laughing – life is just too short to be the grumpy cat.

I am located in North Dallas, serve the DFW area and beyond – our limits are probably destinations to other planets. My passport is up to date for anywhere on Earth! 🙂

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May the love be with you ♥



#1   I will triple love you if you play 80’s rock at your reception. For real!

#2   I can bing watch GoT all day, every day – over and over! C’mon – I know you will too!

#3   Now believe it or not – I’m a cry baby when I watch romantic/drama movies… Alone.

#4   When my couples get emotional during the ceremony, i do too. At last, I had to quit make-up for wedding days. You don’t want “The Kung-Fu Panda” at your reception now, do you?

#5   Speaking of pandas, if I’m out to get my fat kid on, Panda Express is jam – yum!

#6   I will have someone snap a photo of us partying hard – I have a collection of those reception photos on my wall!

#7   No matter how tired I am, I can never go to sleep without posting a few sneak peeks from that wedding night.

#8   I’m a hugger. Hand shakes are too “corporate”. Do I look like corporate material? Thought so!

#9   I use ^^ too much. In texts, emails, FB messages… Everywhere possible! The standard smiley is not for me! ^^

      #10   I will always own a pet. Or two. Or three. However, Nyx right now is my only furkid. She’ll make my life a living hell if I ever even think about adopting another furball. Been there, done that – poor puppy peed his-self under the kitchen sink. And Nyx scared the s*#! out of me in the morning, glaring at me from the other edge of the bed.

#11   I’m a night owl. My brain functions better when it’s all dark and quiet. So don’t be surprised when I wake up late – I probably got to bed around 8 am.

#12   I used to be a summer-lover girl. But now I understand why everyone here in Texas loves fall. Humid+heat+too much sun… Can’t we just skip summer?

#13   I started photography with shooting dark spooky, scary, horror tribute photos. I was forced by a friend to do her brother’s wedding in 2008 no matter how much I told her “What on earth do I know about weddings?! I’m a horror photographer! Everything I do is bloody!” I ended up doing it! I hide those gothic dark wedding photos where nobody can find them! TOP SECRET!

#14   I talk. A lot. Can’t you already tell?

#15   Traveling for photos is my slice of heaven. I love giving something unique to each and every couple I work with – whenever possible. I’ve even done road trips sharing a ride with them – soooooo… (Hint hint hint!)